Dr. Barbara Kolm.


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It is rare that one individual might possess both the critical insight and formidable intellect to wrangle with the complex and multivariate problems confronting our modern age. Even more unusual is when that understanding is combined with a highly empathic and entertaining speaker. Dr. Barbara Kolm is such a person. Those of us fortunate to have been in the audience, both virtually and physically, have witnessed Kolm urge us, even if we might at first find ourselves hostile to the ideas presented, on a journey of thought and introspection, challenging believers to ask why and non-believers to reconsider.

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What Others Say.

Barbara Kolm is a speaker who masters all four corners of the policy world. She runs a leading European think tank. She has contacts and information sources all over the globe. She has practical government experience as deputy director of a Central Bank. And she knows how to communicate complex ideas in an engaging, conversational way. Few speakers have her depth of experience and insight.

John Fund, Journalist

Barbara Kolm is a unique and vibrant presenter. I have been fortunate to see Barbara engage many different groups over the years and in varying ways. She is a superb speaker, thoughtful, and clear on a wide range of topics from geopolitics to economics to policy. She always brings her powerful intellect and experience set stretching the European and global landscapes. She also has a special way of leading roundtable and panel discussions. All is done with charm and grace.

Larry Goodman, Center for Financial Stability

Austrian economist Barbara Kolm is the most experienced and articulate expert (in English or German) on the monetary and fiscal crises facing Europe and the European Union that I’ve ever known. Using her expertise in government, non-profits, the academy, and the business world, she can provide real insights to what is happening in Europe and around the world. She is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable speaker who will educate and entertain your audience; as a world traveler, she knows both the problems and the solutions to the world’s issues.

Mark Skoussen, Freedom Fest

Barbara Kolm is a renaissance woman. She is blessed with an exceptional intellect which she has used to communicate ideas, and provoke thought, in a remarkably clear manner to audiences across the globe.

Richard Rahn, Institute for Global Economic Growth

Dr. Kolm is a leading speaker in the global free market think tank movement. Her ability to discuss a wide swatch of issues in depth makes her a great speaker choice for any occasion. Dr. Kolm’s comments are always value add as a keynote or part of a panel.

Andrew Kovalcin, Advanced Advocacy

Within Continental Europe there are few people who fight as vigorously and persistently against political illusions, against big government, rent-seeking, and economic decline, as Barbara Kolm does. She knows that liberty will be slowly eroded and ultimatey lost, unless we are permantly vigilant and always ready to defend it.

Erich Weede, Professor emeritus University Bonn - Sociologist

When looking for inspiration and leadership; start with Dr Barbara Kolm of the Hayek Institute in Vienna. Her overview of Western Civilisation’s contribution to the world’s living standards and prosperity is truly an inspiration in these times when many are unsure about our immediate future. We often use our links to Barbara’s videos and written material to introduce our Mannkal scholars to the remarkable world of individual responsibility.

Ron Manners, Mannkal

Barbara is an astoundingly energetic and eloquent voice for liberty in the economy, from one end of Europe to the other – as anyone knows who has tried to keep up with her on her Free Market Road Show. She is an inexhaustible fountain of ideas on how to get and keep the right to start and business, move to a new job, create a better economy through individual enterprise.

Deirdre McCloskey, University of Chicago