It is rare that one individual might possess both the critical insight and formidable intellect to wrangle with the complex and multivariate problems confronting our modern age. Even more unusual is when that understanding is combined with a highly empathic and entertaining speaker. Dr. Barbara Kolm is such a person. Those of us fortunate to have been in the audience, both virtually and physically, have witnessed Kolm urge us, even if we might at first find ourselves hostile to the ideas presented, on a journey of thought and introspection, challenging believers to ask why and non-believers to reconsider.

Kolm’s broad experience has prepared her as expert on a variety of monetary, political, and interdisciplinary topics. Her impressive language skills allow for direct communication, captivating listeners with flawless understanding of the peccadillos of local idiom. Already a prominent and respected presenter from scores of appearances across the EU, Eastern Europe, Asia, South & Central America, and extensively in the United States, Kolm has a built-in network of international academics, business, and government leaders to sharpen her thinking.

Without exception, Kolm is well-prepared, tireless, and even charming in the disposition of her duties as speaker, panelist, and moderator. While her will and whit are first rate, she never leaves an opponent in debate without proper and due respect. Countless many hold themselves out as knowledgeable. Some are. Still, most fail to bring Kolm’s level of experience, good humor, marked intellect, and professional comportment. If your goal is excellence, remember Dr. Barbara Kolm.